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We’re always working hard to push our deer program to the next level and are excited to announce a partnership with Double Dime Whitetails on their famous buck, Automatic.  His deep pedigree reaching back to the well known Texas Queen and the big typical frame says it all. We look forward to seeing what this guy does over the next few years.


Automatic at 3 years old

Our new buck Majestic has it all!  Majestic is the perfect name for this buck and his pedigree.  Out of Monarch Supreme, we expect him to get taller and wider, while keeping this clean look. With our breeding program along with the industry leaning towards the more big framed and typical look, we believe Majestic will prove to pass just that to his offspring. He definitely has “the look”.

Majestic @2

Majestic at 2 years old

We’re pleased in MR’s very own, Maestro.  Maestro is sure to lead the way with his look and pedigree. With the legendary Miss Texas as his grand dam on the maternal side, he’s sure to produce. His awesome shape and clean frame as just a yearling, gives us very high hopes for him in his future as a breeder here at Mossy Rock.

MR Maestro 8-5-2017

Maestro at 1 years old