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You won’t want to miss out on the lots we have in store for TDA this year.

Call us crazy but we’re offering you a choice doe fawn off the ranch!  

Over the last 6 years, we have handpicked the best females in the industry to build our herd around.  We bred these females to the industries best sires to build some of the most sought after pedigrees in the country.  So here is a chance to come in and handpick buyer’s choice of over 70 do fawns.  Fawns are sired by Freeze Frame, Triple Crown, Express, Gladiator III, Tombstone, and Franchise!  Highlights include:

choice doe


2013 Sudden Express/Shadow/Gladiator/Reno Open Doe

2013 open Sudden Express do White 304.  Sudden Express is throwing big sons all over the country!  White 304 pedigree is as deep as they come.  She has monster producing sires 4 generations deep anchored with 4M Everest Dam.  With stacked super sires and a proven producing anchor, this girl can’t miss!



2016 Tombstone/Dreambuck/High Roller Doe Fawn

First Tombstone offspring Mossy Rock has offered.  2016 doe fawn White 6036.  We bred Tombstone to some hammer does last fall and this is one of the best doe fawns out of him.  White 164 is out of the legendary Dreambuck/Orange 876 (Dam to Dream High).  Double Dreambuck with High Roller in the middle anchoring with Or312.  Tombstone/White 164 makes the perfect Big Frame out cross.  White 6036 breeding options will be endless!


2015 Express/Maxbo XL/Texas Queen Doe

Industry superstars Stacked on Ganzalez WT’s best!  Orange 5118 is a gentle 2015 model doe.  Industry super sires Express and Maxbo XL on Ganzalez WT’s proven Dreambuck doe Texas Queen!  Out-crossing these super sires brings a great combination of big frames and power pushers that allow endless breeding options for Orange 5118!



2013 Gladiator XL/King George/116A Open Doe

Gladiator XL daughter Red 3-78 is a very special offering!  Gladiator XL is producing big frame sons all across the country.  There is no doubt his daughter will do the same.  What sets this girl apart is the production on the bottom.  Her dam is out of King George and the famous 116A.  King George, one of Maxbo’s sons, is one of the best looking Maxbo sons of all time and to top it off, he is out of 217, the dam to Miss Texas.  116A is the anchor to many big breeders most notably Gladiator II.  To sum it up you have 2 monster frame productive bucks on a proven anchor, just doesn’t get much better!



2014 Franchise/Easy Does It/Dreambo’s Sister Open Doe

2014 open Franchise Daughter Red 4062.  Red 4062 has a pedigree packed full of producers from her sire Franchise to her anchor Dreambo’s sister out of famous Blue 510.  Franchise brings the power of his sire Voodoo to the top side and Red 4062’s bottom is rounded out with Gonzalez WT’s famous Dreambuck daughters Texas Queen and Blue 510.  Add the proven power of Maxbo in there and this girl has it all.