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You won’t want to miss out on our 2015 NADeFA Lots!


Lot 5


 Our first is Lot # 5 (Page 19)

  • Selling Pink 0222 AI’d to Freeze Frame
  • She is an own daughter of Shadow and out of B94 (womb sister to T-N-T’s dam)
  • Her pedigree is stacked with legendary genetics top and bottom
  • Breeding her to the awesome Freeze Frame adds yet another legendary buck to this lot


lot 44


Our second is Lot # 44 (Page 71)
  • Here’s your chance to get in on some of the most sought after genetics in our industry today
  • We are selling 1/2 interest in “No Secret” (Secret Weapon/Miss Texas) live bread to Freeze Frame and 1/2 interest in “Cats Out” [(Express/No Secret (Secret Weapon/Miss Texas)] AI’d to Masterpiece
  • 2 x the money
  • Talk about thinking big!! These girls are some of the best bred in the industry and we bred them to some of the hottest bucks gong right now to result in a can’t miss opportunity!
  • Winning bidder also gets 1/4 interest in Cats Out’s womb brother [Express/No Secret (Secret Weapon/Miss Texas)]!!!
  • This is a huge offering and we are sure the winning bidder will be a part of something HUGE
mossy rock


lot 75


Our final is Lot # 75 (Page 105)
  • Selling Black 812 a 2014 doe sired by Freeze Frame and out of Hardcore/Blue 93 (T-N-T’s dam)
  • Talk about big time production!!
  • All the greats in the industry on one pedigree!!!